Monday, April 8, 2013

Life Is A Simple Word With Complex Meaning

A macro photograph of a beautiful pink flower with colorful butterfly polinating it

No one is an expert in life, most of us have our own points of view of what life is, but for the most part none of us have the same exact meaning of life and how we should live it. Most of us don't have exactly the same perspective of what life is because we are all put in this planet as unique individuals with unique thoughts and separate minds. Although, many of us believe that we are all here in this world with purpose and meaning, which is unique to each one of us, that alone is hard to figure out what is that purpose that we are ought to do and live for... One may have a strong opinion about his/her meaning of life, but that is just an opinion by one person, as you know, everyone else also have a word or two to say about what life means to them too, and how they view and see it. Life. Life. Life. Truly is a simple four letter word but such a deep and complex meaning behind it. What life means to you?

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