Sunday, June 16, 2013

Bike Sharing Program In New York City USA

New York City, a busy metropolis filled with cars and foot traffic day in and day out, but it is part of living or visiting a major city in the world, being known as a center of business and a major tourists destination for sight-seeing activities. With all these people concentrated per square mile, there is definitely bound to be traffic congestion especially with cars and people on foot. And if you are in one of those cars in the heart of New York City stuck in traffic that is hardly moving, there is bound be downtime, being late at work or appointments, or simply many wasted minutes if not hours inside the car doing nothing but wait for the traffic to move bumper to bumper. It's not like you can rush the drivers right in front of you because you have a time to catch, they are pretty much dealing the same delima as you.

It is no surprise that bike sharing program like Citi Bike, recently launched this year 2013 in New York City. A bike sharing program is a welcomed solution for those who wants to get around the city easier, quicker without cars. Biking is a great alternative going around the city quicker, and also help minimize the city carbon dioxide emission, but going around with bike is not without challenges, bikers do need to keep safety in mind not only for themselves, but to car commuters and pedestrians that bikers will be encountering all over the same road while biking to his/her destination. But if you ever decide to use this service, armed with familiarity of the city roads you are using and heading, and careful maneuver through the crowded streets of New York City, biking is a great alternative to go around the city quickly and efficiently. 
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