Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A Trip To Brentwood California

Last weekend, we were able to visit the city of Brentwood in California. It is located near northern California in the bay area, near Oakland, CA.

We took the route towards Stockton CA at Hwy 99 and then took the shortest route towards Brentwood CA from Stockton which is Hwy 4. I cant recall using Hwy 4 before but the road is mostly two lanes all the way to Brentwood.

It was in the morning when we droved in Hwy 4, so the fog didnt completely lift yet. Most areas around Hwy 4 is a flat and moist, which you can definitely expect some fogs specially during winter and fall due to all the moisture in the air. Parts of Hwy 4 road is along the leevee, so the road was a little bumpy and unsmooth. But the traffic is definitely minimal compare to using the main Bay Area access like Hwy 580 or Hwy 80. Along the way, we passed by two main bridges in Hwy 4

There are many parts of Brentwood CA that are new, and recently developed areas. There are lots of new housing development. Many of the houses there looks new, huge, and modern.

There are also shopping centers and plenty of well-designed and quite parks within the city limit. During our visit there, we also passed by under construction housings and shopping centers. City streets are well-developed, and the atmosphere of the place is peaceful and clean, definitely a great place for raise a family.

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