Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Unforgetable White Sand Beach At Carmel By-The-Sea

We went to visit some friends in the Bay Area in California inorder to realize a planned day trip to Santa Cruz Boardwalk. While were there, our friends insisted that we should swing to Carmel By-The-Sea right after visiting Santa Cruz Boardwalk. Without any regrets, we are so glad that we took the chance and spent an extra hour travelling towards Carmel By-The-Sea, which is located few minutes away from Monterey, California.

Carmel By-The-Sea awaits stunning angle of the pacific ocean. With its fine white sand, nice blue ocean, and less crowded atmosphere, it is definitely a great place to unwind, relax and enjoy the popular California weather, that everyone sought after! The sand was safe and pretty clean allowing us to freely kick off our slippers and enjoy the natural exfoliating effect of the sandy shore.

And if you have a pet dog and would like to bring her/him to the beach, Carmel By-The-Sea area is a very dog-friendly beach. While strolling along the beach, I could see a lot of unleashed pet dogs walking side-by-side with their owners and some occasionally playing with the waves. So instead of leaving your dog behind in your home or a pet boarding house while you wish to unwind and getaway from hectic works and busy lifestyle, why not enjoy a vacation with your dog instead?

If beautiful views and stunning beach doesnt concenvince you, dont despair, there are tons of shopping opportunities at Carmel By-The-Sea. Just a few minutes walk from the beach are really cool shops and boutiques to check out. The area has a small town feel with lots to offer for locals, tourists and visitors. Great dining and lodging are also abundant in the area. So if you are anywhere near northern CA, in the Bay Area, or anywhere in mainland USA and is looking for a great beach getaway, Carmel by-The-Sea offers you great alternative for a more relaxing beach vacation without being so far away from shopping and activities.

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