Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Kauai Waterfalls And Lots Of It

The Island of Kauai in Hawaii offers multiple stunning display of waterfalls in different parts of the island. Although some of the waterfalls are accessible by road or by foot, most of the waterfalls in the island are not accessible by land and can only be seen by air, and can be seen at their fullest beauty by air.

Being one of the oldest island among the existing islands of Hawaii, Kauai is the greenest and wettest island of them all. Wetter environment means more water, that creates not one, not two, but lots and lots of waterfalls cascading in different parts of the mountainous Kauai.

So if you are looking for magnificent display of nature, keep in mind the waterfalls in Kauai. Flying to see the waterfalls is not something that you do everyday, but it is something you can do just even once and the experience and memory stays with you everyday, forever.

Written and Photography by Jazevox. All Rights Reserved.
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