Monday, July 26, 2010

Eagle Falls In Lake Tahoe California

It's been awhile since I posted anything here in my blog. I've been on and off blogging since last year 2009 because I got occupied with so many different things. But in between those times we had the opportunity to be able to visit some really neat places nearby. One of the places we went to was South Lake Tahoe in Northern California. Its one of my favorite places here in California because the place offers the best of both worlds, winter getaway and summer getaway. Y8GDUQ9FSAGH

It's not my first time visiting South Lake Tahoe in California, but for some reason, we missed one of the most beautiful scenery there on my previous visit. We were heading towards Emerald Bay State Park, which is one of the most popular site in Lake Tahoe, when we passed by a National Forest brown sign in the road that says picnic area trailhead then below it says Eagle Falls. I didn't know what to expect, I did a lot of reading travel guides prior to our visits, and for some reason I never heard or read of Eagle Falls.

As we made our rocky steep decent towards the rushing sound of the waterfall, we saw deep blue Emerald Bay from a distance. The Eagle Falls is definitely more like a backpacking type area since you have to go thru rocks and boulders in the trail to get to the falls. Note for the ladies, the area is definitely not suitable for sandals and high-heels since having some traction in the ground and in the rocks would really help you stay your balance out there.

Probably one of the reason why we missed this place, Eagle Falls, before is because its kind of hidden. Its hard to see the falls from the road because its on the side of the mountain and with all the cars buzzing by, its hard to hear the falls from anyones cars especially when they are running. So its more like a really nice surprise for everybody when they decide to stop by to realize that there is actually a big waterfall there. The more we walked towards the raging sounds of the water, the more the falls reveal itself.

Even with some people around, its hard to hear them talking, i hear the water dropping vertical in the side of the mountain, and i see the beautiful deep blue lake from a distance. Its truly a beautiful place, i love it.

When you visit South Lake Tahoe, i highly recommend you stop over Eagle Falls.  Im sure you wont regret it especially if you are not scared of heights. The falls is located in the side of the mountain, its quite a rough terrain, and there is a deep vertical drop below, so stay away from the edges and slippery rocks. The waterfalls area is not very suitable for very young kids, they need to be supervised at all times. The pictures says it all, its an amazing place.

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Written and Photography by Jazevox
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By the way, here is a video of Eagle Falls that i took:

Here is a video of Emerald Bay overlooking the Vikingsholm Castle Island in South Lake Tahoe:

Note: video is coming soon!

By the way, here is a video of the Kokanee Salmon Fish Spawn or Spawning in Taylor Creek at South Lake Tahoe in northern California USA:

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