Wednesday, August 18, 2010

An Afternoon at Bohol Beach Club Beach Resort in Bohol Philippines

Since I was very young, I've heard of Bohol Beach Club (BBC) several times but I never really got the opportunity to visit the resort. I always heard great feedback about the place, everyone who been there said that its a really neat beach resort to go to. There is an entrance fee per head because its a private resort, so I didn't have that chance to really go there, until recently.

I went with some of my family. It was a last minute decision that we made, so we arrived there so late in the afternoon, probably around 4 - 4:30 pm which is a complete bumper because with the entrance fee that we paid, we only get to see the resort for few hours and it was getting dark already by the minute. We only had few hours of daylight left but I managed to take some photographs while we were there. 

The pool looks very inviting, don't you think so? It even have a waterfalls in it. But since we arrived very late during our visit there, we decided to swim in the pool after we checked out the beach! Besides, the pool is only few steps away from the beach, so its not like its a real struggle to go either way. But with the nice inviting pool and the crispy clear tropical beach on the opposite side of the pool, its wasnt an easy decision, hit the pool first or go for the beach. But with time constrainst, we cannot miss the beach or its going to get dark very soon, so thats what we did. 

There's a nice restaurant in the vicinity with great variety of foods. Some of the entrance fee that we paid was partly consumable at the restaurant during our short visit there, Im not sure if its always like that any day though. There were live music at the restaurant, with some talented musicians singing some local songs and playing their music instruments. We got the chance to make some boholano song requests, so that was pretty neat.

Being in the tropics, its not a surprise to see some coconuts in the beach. But a bunch of well-situated coconut trees and white picnic tables to match is pretty cool and impressive. One of the most famous thing about Bohol Beach Club is their sand. The sand in the resort is well-taken care of, they manage to keep it clean. I personally think that the sand being well-kept, staying nice and bright with very fine texture is one of the best assets of the resort. The sand is perfect for walking barefoot in the beach. 

With how short our visit was, its was definitely memorable and worth it. The views are spectacular. The landscaping is beautiful. So if you will ask me if its all worth what you paid for entrance fee, i say yes. Don't get me wrong, I like being in a public beach because you see a bunch of people enjoying the day at the beach, you are surrounded with nothing but fun fun fun. But there are times that you want privacy and solitude, and just be with nature. At Bohol Beach Club being a private beach resort, it is definitely less crowded, so you get peace, serenity, more in one with nature (almost) than with the crowd, and its more quiet, I should say, so better chance of hearing the waves instead of people talking or laughing. With the little daylight left that we had during our visit, im happy with some of the photos and the memories I got. Thank you for reading this blog today and enjoying the photographs.

NOTE: FYI, the author of this article/post is not associated/affiliated in anyway with Bohol Beach Club (BBC).

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