Saturday, September 22, 2012

Space Shuttle Endeavour Final Flight In California

Yesterday, September 21, 2012, the Space Shuttle Endeavour made its historic final flight from southern California to northern California to grace the California skies, adorned by many public admirers and onlookers, before retiring to its final home in California Science Center in Los Angeles California. The journey began few days earlier when the shuttle left Florida to California, and the last farewell tour yesterday made headlines and spectacles as it travels from the south to the north flying over different key parts of northern California including Disneyland Park Resort in southern California, San Francisco Bridge in the Bay Area, California Capitol Building in downtown Sacramento. Crowds gathered outside to witness this magnifient piece of history that will never be repeated. Many locals telivision NEWS covered the final journey of the Endeavour and captured some stunning live videos and images of it as it pass by.

Here is a video of the Endeavour Space Shuttle as it fly over Golden Gate Bridge in northern California:

Here is a video of the Endeavour Space Shuttle as it fly over California Capitol in downtown Sacramento northern California:

Here is a magnificient arial view of the shuttle, must see!

Unfortunately for us, although it flew by over our area, which we thought we would be able to see, the big trees all over the place completely obstruct our visual view of the shuttle, all we could hear was the loud noise of the modified Boeing 747 jet plane that trasported the shuttle. The final destination of the Endeavour Space Shuttle will be at California Science Center in Los Angeles California.
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