Thursday, December 27, 2007

That Goose In Lake Tahoe Beach

During our short visit to Lake Tahoe this year 2007 (back and forth around CA and NV area), we were able to roam around and see quite a few of the different places in Lake Tahoe, like the casinos, some popular vista points, great restaurants, and other regular tourist spots that many people look forward to visit when they want to visit the world famous Lake Tahoe.

During our visit, one early morning, we also had the chance to enjoy watching all the geese that were hanging out in the Lake Tahoe sand beach area, just a short walking distance and very closed walk to where we stayed overnight. We took several photos of the geese that day.

But when I was browsing through most of the photos that we took that day, I found this particular photo (see above) of a goose that have very interesting message and great impact in me personally. I remember this particular goose, hanging out in the sand beach with the other geese and bird crowd, but we noticed that she was limping and walking with one leg. For some reason, her other leg was messed up, and she can only walk with her other leg. I felt that the goose was so strong and determined, she was walking all over, despite her broken leg. It reminds me of the fact, that despite all the trials and problems humans face today, imperfections and trials, should not hinder us from achieving our goals and desires in life. I just wanted to share this photo we took that day and hopefully will inspire and touch someone out there, whom I may never know, could really use it too!

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