Monday, January 21, 2008

Heavenly In South Lake Tahoe

One of the favorite area that I really liked during our short trip at South Lake Tahoe late last year (2007) was our visit at Heavenly. If you are a skier, you probably heard of Heavenly Ski Resort, one of the most popular ski resort around Lake Tahoe. But during our visit to Heavenly area, I realized that the area of Heavenly is so much more than just for skiing. In the foothills and valleys below the Heavenly Ski Resort mountain slope, you will see shopping malls with all kinds of great specialty shops, restaurants, snack bars, banks, and more. We also noticed a circular ice skating rink in the middle of the mall center, and we also noticed a cable ride.

Most of the shops around Heavenly can be check out by walking on foot. Many of the shops are walking distance from each other so you see lots of great unique items that you can buy as souveneirs of your visit. During our visit there, we saw wide variety of choices as far as souvenier items. Great souvenier items like t-shirts, jackets, postcards, carved wooden animals, stickers, kitchen utensils, hats, and a lot more items with mostly Lake Tahoe messages in them.

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