Monday, July 28, 2008

Kauai Hawaii Is Best Seen By Air

If you are thinking of or in searched of an ultimate vacation and lifetime exhilarating experience, a great way to get both is by riding a helicopter tour in Hawaii, in the island of Kauai, where this beautiful island awaits plenty of stunning display of natures best!

Its been told by many that you only see the tip of Kauai when you travel by land, and this fact is definitely true! More or less, ninety (90) percent of Kauai Island is mostly visible by air. So when you go to Kauai in Hawaii, you barely scratch the surface of the island when you go there without riding a helicopter or a plane. So if you want to get the most out of your visit there, a helicopter tour is definitely a must!

If you are thinking of going to Hawaii and not sure which island to get a helicopter tour, the island of Kauai definitely has the best to offer! Kauai by air travel has a lot to offer, mostly stunning display of nature including the view of the pacific ocean and the Waimea Canyon which is popularly considered the Grand Canyon of the Pacific.

Na Pali Coast is a popular part of Kauai Hawaii, but this part of the island does not have any access roads and therefore unacessible by car or by bus, and can only be seen by boat or by air. Both sailing boat trip and air tour offers unique perspectives of the Na Pali Coast, so both type of trips are highly recommended. But if you want to see Na Pali Coast as a whole and a lot more of Kauai, the helicopter tour not only allows you to see the whole stretch of NaPali Coast with its magnificent shorelines, deep blue pacific ocean, and huge mountains along the sea but see most of Kauai as well.

With parts of Kauai being considered the wettest spot on earth, you will be greeted by lush green huge mountains with magical display of waterfalls all over the island. Be alert and always keep your eyes open for plenty of waterfalls! Expect to see multiple and jaw-dropping display of waterfalls while you are on the air, waterfalls that can only be seen in Kauai by a helicopter or plane ride! You will see multi-layered waterfalls, long-drop waterfalls, etc. It is a definite that the best of Kauai can be best experience by air.

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