Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Redwood Day Trip Near Oregon And California Border

If you are anywhere near northern California, southern Oregon, or coastal Oregon, you are definitely not very far away from the huge trees at Jedediah Smith Redwoods Park, showcasing centuries old natural Giant Sequoia trees that occupies acres and acres of land in northern CA near Crescent City.

Jedediah Smith Redwoods Park is accessible from southern Oregon via the long and winding road of Hwy 199 that stretch from the City of Grants Pass in Oregon all the way to Crescent City in California. The road Hwy 199 is mostly two lanes paved road with plenty of nature views await those who patiently follow its curvy path. But if you are coming from the opposite direction, either from coastal Oregon or northern CA, the park is also easily accessible through Hwy 101, a popular scenic road which offers everyone plenty of stunning views of the pacific ocean.

Standing next to giant Sequoia trees around you could easily makes you feel small and in awe. These huge trees have been standing more or less 50 feet tall since many centuries ago in these protected and preserved land. Each mature Sequoia tree has wide diameter span, easily a lot more than two people hand in hand around it. Some of these trees are so huge that some of the trees have been developed like a tunnel where you can literally drive a car under its massive length, yes they are that big! In broad daylight, it is mostly shady and dark around the trees, that widely dominate majority of the area. And because of its shady-like forrest, there are plenty of natural grown ferns beds that you can expect all over the place as well. Trees looking so simple, but with its massive size and tall length, Giant Sequoia trees are definitely extraordinary!

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