Monday, September 29, 2008

Shopping In Kauai Hawaii

What is a vacation in Hawaii without shopping? Shopping is definitely one of the most anticipated and favorite activity for most tourists and visitors in the island. With the state of Hawaii being in the tropics, you can definitely expect a tropical shopping experience, lots of flowers, native products, sea shells, hawaiian traditional artifacts, just to name a few.

In the island of Kauai, one of the popular shopping mall is the Coconut Marketplace, where they offer almost everything and anything that you want to experience, expect and find in the island like local foods, unique hawaiian souvenir, traditional and tribal clothings, and a lot lot more! There are so many variety of shops in Coconut Marketplace that it could easily take hours and hours if not a whole day to go through every single shop!

Wood carvings, wood furnitures, flower wreaths, floral clothings, sea shell decors and jewelries, live plants, and tropical fruits and vegetables are some of the things that are hugely available in Kauai, Hawaii.

There is something for everyone! Exploring and shop hopping is definitely part of the fun to do during your Kauai Hawaii visit. But even if you don't plan to buy so many things to bring back home, the experience of seeing all the unique items that are only available in a tropical island like Hawaii, and seeing what the island has to offer is a great memory that you can treasure and remember forever. So savor and enjoy the moment, Kauai is one of the sought-after destination in the world, might as well enjoy your stay if you plan to visit there. Even if you go there to see the beaches, don't forget to visit the shops!

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