Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Magic Everywhere at Orlando Florida

FLORIDA is definitely a vacation capital of the world. They have nice tropical weather out there, lots of sunshine.

Orlando Florida is designed with tourists in mind. It is a very tourist-friendly city, they have nice side of the road walkways for on-the-foot wonderers. They have well-developed bus stops and helpful street guides properly placed in different parts of the city. It is no surprise they design Orlando this way, they have Universal Studio, Disney World, Seaworld, and a lot more! They also have beautiful dinner shows, my favorite is Arabian Knights, its totally magical, the horses are way talented.

But if you visit Florida, it is best to expect the unexpected rain, lightnings and thunderstorms that may suddenly come out of nowhere. You can stroll in the city in the sunny morning, and you find yourself get stuck in one of the shop like a salmon with all other wonderers in the afternoon waiting for the lightning to stop. They also have really really hot summer days, more than 100 degrees like CA!

Overall, Florida is a definitely great place to unwind, have a great family vacation. Orlando Florida most specially have loads of things to offer to everyone. No wonder its one of the top tourists destination in the world.

If you have been to Orlando Florida, we would be happy to hear about your experience and what you think about the place. Please feel free to leave your comments about this place or this blog!

Written By JazeVox

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