Tuesday, October 30, 2007

See the Sunrise at Daytona Beach

DAYTONA BEACH in Florida, is a beautiful long miles beach with sand beach frontage that stretch all the way to Miami beach! Unlike most tropical beaches where you see mostly trees and small cottages along the beach, in contrary, Daytona beach as far as your eyes can see, you see tall hotels and condos one after the other, barely any trees, few palm trees here and there.

Surprisingly they still allow people to drive their vehicles in the sand and get a nice parking in the beach and can easily get whatever you need in the car at anytime. THey also have quad/ATV 4WD rentals and have a nice ride in the beach. The best part in Daytona Beach is that you can walk miles and miles of beach stretch (as far as your legs can take), checking out different restaurants and snacks bars along the way, so its always good idea to have dollars in you while walking along the beach.

They also have lifeguards on duty on particular times of day so aside from helping you incase you drift too far in the ocean deep, they will also alarm you to get off the water when the sharks decide to lurk around and might decide you are dinner to them!

Expect great surprises at Daytona Beach like waking up in the morning and looking down from the balcony you see big nice sand messages that some people surprise their love ones with early in the mornings. They also have planes with ads in the tail, birds hunting for fishes, and and cannot-be-missed early sunrise they have! For best sunrise viewing, wake up around 4:30 in the morning get ready and head towards the beach while waiting for the sun to come, where camera is a must, of course. On the downside, unfortunately, you can tell that some of the beach sands got damaged in different hurricane storms that hit Florida each year.

Daytona Beach in Florida is definitely a place to check out. It is a great place to unwind, have a relaxing family vacation and enjoy the sunshine.

Just be prepare if you visit Florida, it is best to expect the unexpected rain, lightnings and thunderstorms that may suddenly come out of nowhere. You can stroll in the city in the sunny morning, and you find yourself get stuck in one of the shop like a salmon with all other wonderers in the afternoon waiting for the lightning to stop. They also have really really hot summer days, more than 100 degrees like CA!

If you have been to Daytona Beach in Florida, we would be happy to hear about your experience and what you think about the place. Please feel free to leave your comments about this place or this blog!
Written By JazeVox

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