Friday, June 15, 2012

Bodega Bay Northern California Hwy 1 Road Trip Part 1

In the west coast of the United States, there is no better way to enjoy the view of the pacific ocean than driving through the stretch of Hwy 1 in northern California. Although Hwy 1 stretches from southern California in San Diego CA all the way to northern California and ends at Hwy 101 intersection, we will be cover primarily on the northern side of CA for this road trip, particulary in the Bodega Bay area (for this article) since there are plenty of photographs to share and it will be too much to put them all in one web page, thats how much there is to see in Hwy 1 alone! If you plan to do a road trip there anytime soon, you need to make sure that the fog is almost or fully lifted so that you can safely drive in the mostly one-lane roads and inorder for you to fully maximize your visit and be able to view of the pacific ocean fully with no haze. Timing is everything especially in the Bay Area since it is common to have foggy days out there.

Bodega Bay California is located south of San Francisco. To drive to Bodega Bay coming from San Francisco the route will be in Hwy 1 towards Forts Bragg CA or heading towards north in Oregon State direction. Once you arrive in Bodega Bay, its pretty easy to tell that you are there because you can see the bay from the road and there are some business like restaurants and bars that you can pull over to have a nice meal as well as be able to enjoy the view of the bay. We stopped by at Lucas Wharf to enjoy the bay and took some shots of the bay (above).

Traveling further towards north of Bodega Bay via Hwy 1 there were several different stops to take photographs of the views of the pacific ocean. Luckily for us, it was a clear day with hardly any fog by the time we got to the ocean frontage (Hwy 1). It was pretty clear day, although the sun was out, it was a little chilly, so its always a good idea to have a jacket handy in the trunk because you never know how the weather is going to behave. Our planned trip was going towards Point Arena California, so we did not really picnic in any of the beaches that we passed by like a lot of people did, as you can see in the pcitures above.

There were several wild birds in the ocean, so its always good to have your camera handy if you are into photography because there is plenty of photography opportunities like the ocean and the wild birds, at your hearts content!

As we continue with the road trip towards Point Arena CA, we saw more and more views of the pacific ocean. I will be adding more articles with plenty of photos as we continue with the trip, so hope you check our my future articles coming up! 

Written and Photography by Jazevox
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