Friday, June 29, 2012

Orbitz Figured Mac Users Book Pricier Hotels Than PC Users

Who would have thought that what type of computer we use will pre-determine the type of travel accommodations that we likely purchase online. Just recently, Orbitz find out that Mac computer users tend to buy more expensive hotels or room accomodations, and are more likely to avail room upgrades compare to PC users. Depending on what type of computer you use to purchase your hotel accomodations online at Orbitz will possibly be a determining factor in the near future on which hotels will be displayed in your computer monitor in the recommendation lists of hotels. When these latest data findings will be integrated into the Orbitz online booking system, then Mac computer users may possibly see 5-star hotels and more expensive nightly rate recommendations, while PC users will most likely see recommendations of cheaper priced hotels.

Here is a video about this latest findings:

Here is a video how Orbitz may possibly utilized this latest data statistic that they gathered when it will be implemented in the search result querries while purchasing hotels at their site:

People have mixed reactions about this announcement. Some if not most of us would probably prefer to get the same lists of recommendations regardless of what type of computer we are using. What about you, how do you feel about this? If you are using Mac computer how do you feel about the fact that you will be getting pricier hotel recommendations simply because you are using a Mac computer? Do you feel that this personalized recommendation basing on what type of computer you are using will serve beneficial to you? Feel free to comment..
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