Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Stand Up Paddle In South Lake Tahoe California

Even if you are not a very sports-minded person, or you feel like surfing and skiing are definitely out of your comfort zone, how does stand-up paddle sounds like to you? Definitely nothing too extreme at all, stand-up paddle is a great sports for all ages both kids and adults. It is a great relaxing outdoor activity, with very low impact to the environment, yet very fulfilling and exhalirating experience for those who get out and start paddling!

If stand-up paddle sound like something you might want to learn and consider, then you might be interested to come out and try doing it during the outdoor festivity happening this summer in South Lake Tahoe in northern California, where they are celebrating their fourth Paddle Festival this year 2012. You can rent paddles and learn how to stand-up paddle for fun in the beautiful prestine fresh blue water of Lake Tahoe. Or just watch others doing the paddling and enjoy the sceneries of the fabulous lake. The view alone is definitely worth the visit!

Know more about the fourth Paddle Festival in South Lake Tahoe as presented by FabulousLakeTahoe:

What: Race The Lake 2012
Where: South Lake Tahoe, CA
When: June 30 to July 1, 2012

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