Saturday, November 3, 2007

Aspine Trees in the Sierra-Nevada Mountains California

One of the main highlights for traveling in the fall/autumn season is the great opportunity to see the colorful tranformation of leaves in many trees.

During our trip towards Lake Tahoe via Hwy 88 in the Sierra-Nevada mountains of Amador County, we were very fortunate to still see some Aspine trees that still had leaves left in them that were totally magical and bright. The bright yellow leaves in them were so colorful that it just highlights the whole roadside like a beautiful painting.

Since it was late part of October, the leaves of Aspine trees already started falling, but the bright white barks in them were in itself very attractive looking and very picturistic as well. The best time of year to really see the transformation is probably around September to first weeks of October when most leaves are still on the trees.

So during fall/autumn season, if you are on a road trip, try to consider scenic roads that have possible Aspine trees or other trees that transforms color during autumn season.

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