Monday, November 12, 2007

Undiscovered Activities at Walt Disney World in Florida USA

Few days ago, in a nice October afternoon of 2007, I was channel hopping on TV, and found a travel documentary tv show about the many undiscovered activities in Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida. For a lot of people like myself, we see the Disney World as a theme park with rides, novelty shops, food bars, and shows, but the tv show travel documentary revealed that there are a lot more to Disney World that just a theme park.

I cannot remember exactly what channel the show was aired, but I realized that there are plenty of other activities in Disney World that were not known by majority of the people, i guess, not until the tv show documentary got aired this year (2007). Until then, I never realized that Disney World offers the following activities for the visitors:

Private surfing lessons and surfing in the laggoon
Para-sailing in the lake
Scuba diving in one of the biggest tank in the world and see most sea creature all in one day
Special trip to the Safari before the park opens and have close encounter with the animals in the Animal Kingdom
Nascar driving experience where you can drive fast race car at 140+ miles/hour legally
A luxury yatch for rent, to celebrate a special day

I honestly could not remember everything that were revealed in the tv show, but it sure was amazing to find out that there are a lot more that Disney World are offering to the public, and all of it sounds really fun! I had a blast during our visit to Disney World few years ago, but trying out some of the activities mentioned above would be great experience.

NOTE: This article was written by Jazevox on October 12, 2007
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