Friday, November 9, 2007

Battle Rock City Park in Oregon USA

If you are heading towards Oregon for a vacation, a very worthwhile place to checkout is the Battle Rock City Park along Hwy 1 in the Oregon Coast. Its picturistic view of the pacific ocean and massive stones in the sea are beauty beyond compare.

Battle Rock City Park is located west of Oregon in between southern and central Oregon area. If you decide to take a road trip to this park, just follow the scenic Hwy 1 route either from California or from Portland Oregon.

Aside from Battle Rock City Park, there are many other beaches and beach front communities that you can checkout around Hwy 1, to make your road trip worthwhile. It could easily take a whole day trip to checkout Southern Oregon coastal side, and if you decide to stay in one of the inns or hotels and enjoy the ocean view more, you might need more than a day to be able to see the whole Hwy 1 stretch of Southern Oregon coast.

To read more about Battle Rock City Park, read the park monument below:

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