Thursday, November 1, 2007

Finding Great Deals on Hotels in the USA

Based on our hotel bargain hunting experiences, here are some tips we used for finding the best deals possible without sacrificing quality accomodations:

First, check out travel sites like,,, to check their prices on hotels that you want to stay and in what area. Try to write down the prices for comparison use with other website for the second tip mentioned below. Watch out for additional fees, not just the room accomodations.

Second, check out the individual hotels thru their own company website. Most hotels have their own website and most of them have prices stated online which will make it more easier for you to make comparison with the prices you found in the websited mentioned in the first tip above. Watch out for additional fees, not just the room accomodations.

Third, its not written in stone that travel sites like, and will always be cheaper than by buying directly with the hotel website or by their phone reservation. There are times as well that buying directly with the hotel is cheaper. But no matter which way you choose, a lot of times they can offer great deals when you book too early or in the last minute. You can get deals with too early bookings because usually they still have plenty of rooms available, and they want to get all rooms occupied by that date, so the early they can get people to book, they secure the rooms usage already. Booking in the last minute can also possibly give you great deals specially online. But I wont recommend booking too late because great hotels will have slim chance of not fully book. But sometimes you will really get bargain prices at the last-minute bookings because they dont want vacant room remains vacant, occupied room means income. So if you book in the last minute, you can possibly get great bargains if you will ask for it online or by phone. Its like some people get first-class accomodation in some airlines companies when the plane is about to leave and there are empty seats.

Fourth, it will never hurt to ask. Ask the hotel booking representative if they can give you cheaper prices or great deals. Mostly it will help if you know prices in the neighboring hotels with lower rates so that you can mention that to them and chances are they might be willing to match their competitors prices. The hotel personnels will usually try to accomodate their customers, dont want to loose customers to their competitors, so there are chance that they might give you a deal to stay with them instead.

Fifth, if you are AAA member or member of any travel services, they can possibly find you the best deals or can usually offer you discounts in most hotels.

Sixth, rent timeshare accomodations. A lot of timeshare owners who doesnt have the time to vacation that particular year will usually rent their timeshare accomodations to people. Timeshare places are worldwide, so that you have great chance of getting a timeshare rental in a place that you are heading. Timeshare rental prices varies on how much the owner will price the package.

If you have other ways and tips to save on hotels here in the US, we would be happy to hear it too! Please feel free to leave comments if you have something to say about this post, or if you have more tips to share.

Written By: JAZEVOX. All Rights Reserved.

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